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PVC Coated Conduit Fittings

  Ocal Brand PVC Coated Fittings by Thomas & Betts

  • PVC coated hot-dip galvanized electrical conduit • Standards: ANSI C80.1, NEMA RN.1
  • Features 2 mil blue urethane coating on interior • 40 mil PVC coating on exterior (gray is standard)
  • Pressure sealing sleeves protect connections
• UL listed - UL6, Federal Specification WW-C-581
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Ocal pvc coated conduit bodies, also referred to as ordinary location fittings, serve multiple purposes. For one they allow you to connect conduit together in bends and turns to make a complete system. Secondly, they have open bodies that allow for pulling wire, making splices, and performing other eletrical install and maintenance actions. Last, conduit bodies by Ocal can be used as mounting outlets for fixtures.

We source our coated conduit fittings from one of the best names in the industry - Thomas and Betts. Their Ocal BLUE coated conduit fittings are unmatched by any other brands in the business. They are made of the highest quality materials and designed to exceed the specs of all other coated conduits on the market. From the hot-dipped threads to the UL-6 Listing, you won't find anything "less than" about this electrical raceway conduit system.

Ocal fittings are also like none other because they are "double-coated". That means they are coated inside with urethane and outside with PVC! The result is an optimum rust and corrosion resistance exterior for your most demanding electrical applications. We offer a full line of Ocal by Thomas and Betts fittings from conduit nipples to couplings, hubs, 45s and 90 elbows. Choose your size, material base, and fitting types. We offer low price quotes for jobs of all sizes. Contact us today about saving on your next job!