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These touch-up items are designed specifically for Ocal conduit. Ocal conduit is used to create a safe passageway for electrical materials. Failure of these systems could create catastrophic problems. Flaws on the factory coating on PVC and CPVC may not seem like they are dangerous, but they give corrosive materials access to the internal part of the PVC. Over time, this can allow the system to corrode, which will lead to failure. PVC touch-up compound can fix these flaws and make the system corrosion resistant. The touch-up compound is easy to use, cures quickly and can be brushed, sprayed or applied directly to the nicks and scratches.

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  1. Ocal Spray Can Touch-Up Compound 12.5oz
  2. Ocal PVC Touch-Up Compound - Brush Cap Can 1 Pint
  3. Ocal PVC Touch-Up Compound - Gallon

3 Item(s)

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Coated electrical conduit PVC is vital to any modern construction project, but when the coating on the PVC has a minor flaw or minor damage, which can happen from nicks or scrapes in the installation process, the system has a weakness that can make it vulnerable to corrosion. PVC touch-up materials help repair minor damage on the PVC's factory coating to prevent this problem. This gives it a flawless finish and helps prevent weakness that could lead to eventual failure of the system.

When working with Commercial Industrial Supply, you have less of a risk of damage to the coating on your electrical conduit PVC, because we work hard to buy the best possible products from the manufacturer and to ship them safely to you. However, the construction process can introduce hazards to the pipes, causing nicks and scrapes. That is why today's contractors need touch-up materials to complement their Ocal conduit PVC. Commercial Industrial Supply offers a range of options for those in need of PVC touch-up compound for their projects. A small brush cap can makes application simple and is ideal for small areas with minor nicks and scratches. For hard-to-reach areas, a spray applicator may be more effective. The dark gray Ocal heat-cure patch is another option. This touch-up product comes in a tube and is applied to the pipe, then cured using a heat gun or torch. This heated curing process ensures it holds up well even in hot temperatures. Finally, Commercial Industrial Supply offers a gallon size refill of the dark gray PVC touch-up compound for large jobs. With the gallon refill, contractors will always have the touch-up compound they need on hand.