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CPVC Duct 45 Elbow

CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbow

Ventilation and duct systems require quality components that can direct airflow efficiently and without leaks. An elaborate system will route air around corners and stationary structures, which is where CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbows come in, as they help to effectively circumnavigate corners, beams and more to allow you to be as efficient as possible. And it’s more than versatility; a duct elbow should be sturdy and resistant to wear that is natural in ventilation systems. Read on to learn more about Commercial Industrial Supply’s CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbows and the selection we have available.

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What is a CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbow?

A CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbow is a component that works to route airflow throughout a duct and ventilation system. At a 45-degree angle, it helps to maneuver around corners and objects. Unlike 90-degree elbows, a 45-degree elbow can help in unusual layouts that are not necessarily rectangular and with tight corners. The result is more direct airflow moved more efficiently. When installed with high-quality duct sealant, you can significantly improve the efficiency of your entire ventilation system.

Why Should I Use a Duct Elbow Made from CPVC?

Commercial Industry Supply has earned a reputation for carrying a wide range of CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbows, and one of the key distinguishing features is the material: CPVC. Ventilation systems are naturally subjected to fluctuating temperatures and potential damage that results from dust and debris. CPVC has an advantage over PVC in that it is more resistant to high temperatures and even fires — able to withstand 200 degrees, compared with 140 degrees for PVC. For duct elbows, that is a big advantage. Due to its chemical makeup, it is also preferable for applications where fire performance is a priority.

Additionally, CPVC is a better material for withstanding the abuse of constant dust and debris in airflow. It is a very strong material and resistant to corrosion and abrasion that can occur naturally over time as particles travel through a duct system. In high-use applications, this is a significant advantage, because the product will last longer and need fewer repairs or replacements.

CPVC is a popular option because it is aesthetically pleasing when compared with other materials, it is lightweight, easy to install, and it is highly cost efficient.

What Types of Products Can I Get from Commercial Industrial Supply?

We carry a broad range of CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbows, with sizes ranging from 2 inches to 24 inches. With numerous sizes, our selection is suited for multiple applications. Additionally, all of our Duct 45-Degree Elbows are made from the highest quality CPVC material.

Commercial Industrial Supply is one of the leading suppliers of industrial components, with products ranging from pipes and fittings to electrical and filtration. We carry an impressive selection of quality industrial supplies, and our staff is well informed and happy to help you with any questions you might have. Feel free to reach out to us to learn more about CPVC Duct 45-Degree Elbows or any other industrial supplies. To learn more about the products we carry, please see the informational links below.