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Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings

Wholesale Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings

Schedule 80 CPVC fittings designs combine years of proven experience with computer generated stress analysis to yield the optimum physical structure and performance for each fitting. Material reinforcement is uniformly placed in stress concentration areas for substantially improved pressure handling capability. Resulting products are subjected to numerous verification tests to assure the very best CPVC fittings available.

Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings are used in applications that include hot corrosive liquids, chemical processing, chilled water distribution, chemical drainage, waste water treatment, and plating.

Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings Specifications:

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  • -   Available in sizes from ½ inch to 24 inches 
  • -   Can withstand temperatures up to 200°F making CPVC excellent for handling hot media
  • -   Resistant to chemicals, corrosion and fire 
  • -   Easy to install, lightweight and more ductile and crush resistant than other types of plastic 
  • -   Most parts available for immediate shipment!

CPVC Fittings Corrosion Resistance

Schedule 80 CPVC fittings have a comparable corrosion resistance to PVC fittings and are suitable for handling temperatures that are 40 to 60 degrees F higher than PVC. CPVC fittings and pipe are easy to assemble, install and are lightweight. Using solvent cement or threading, a leakproof joint can be made quickly and easily.

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