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PVC Duct Flexible Duct

PVC ductwork is used in applications that handle dangerous or corrosive chemical vapors, as well as simple ventilation systems. Often these systems present situations where a standard straight pipe does not work well. Sometimes obstacles are placed in the path of the pipe that have to be worked around, while other times airflow needs to be directed to a variety of locations within the same building. Even with the addition of elbows and other fittings that turn the system, a complicated system may not allow for the use of ridged PVC duct pipe. When greater flexibility is warranted, PVC duct flexible duct is the answer.

This PVC duct flexible duct is made from the same durable PVC duct that all other fittings and duct pipe are made from. This means that it can handle strong chemical vapors and will not rust, pit or corrode when exposed to corrosive materials. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings without risk of damage to the system. PVC duct flexible duct connects to other PVC pipe through PVC duct fittings, especially flexible hose adapters. This allows one system to use both rigid pipe and flexible pipe to work around obstacles and create a truly custom layout to accommodate then needs of the system. Because of their strength, flexibility and durability, PVC duct systems and PVC duct flexible ductwork are growing in popularity in both commercial and residential uses.

We stock PVC duct flexible duct in a wide range of diameters. For small systems, our 2-inch diameter may be the right fit. We also stock everything up to 16 inches for large commercial systems. These ducts should be used with pipes and fittings of similar diameters to maintain the integrity of the system. Start shopping today to find the PVC duct flexible duct that fits your system.