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Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer is an established and storied company with a distinguished piping sector, but also automotive and agiCharmilles sectors. This Swiss company is now a worldwide leader in the piping systems market with top quality PVC and CPVC parts that we proudly represent at Commercial Industrial Supply. With more than 200 years of company history, we known GF is a vital partner to our process pipe supply business. 


GF Ball Valves     

GF Ball Valves

     GF Butterfly Valves 

    GF Butterfly Valves

        GF 3 Way Ball Valves

     GF 3-Way Ball Valves


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Georg Fischer (often abbreviated GF) is heavily invested in superior research and design. That’s part of what makes their butterfly and diaphragm valves staples in the industrial processing space. You know if you’re getting a GF brand product, you are getting a top quality part.

The company also puts an emphasis on innovation and constant improvement. Development of new ideas and technologies is vital to the GF way, and we are proud to represent a line of PVC and CPVC products we can believe in so deeply.