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Polypropylene Pipe

Polypropylene PipePolypropylene pipe is available in a full range of sizes ranging from ½” to 24”. Being the lightest of the thermoplastic category of piping it is most often used for industrial applications using corrosive materials because of its great resistance to strong acids, both weak and strong alkalis, and most organic solvents. Having excellent chemical and abrasion resistance properties makes this type of piping an excellent choice for chemical and pharmaceutical processing applications. 

        We offer a full line of IPS (Iron Pipe Size) fittings and pipe
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Polypropylene Pipe Sizes, PN 10, Standard PP

Approx. OD (in.)
Part No.
16 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
20 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
25 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
32 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
40 mm
Polypropylene Pipe,150 psi
50 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
63 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
75 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
90 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
110 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
160 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
200 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
225 mm
Polypropylene Pipe,150 psi
250 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
315 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
355 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
400 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
450 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi
500 mm
Polypropylene Pipe, 150 psi



Polypropylene pipe and fittings can best be utilized in applications involving higher temperatures from 14˚F to 230˚F and in higher pressure rating uses. This type of piping is considered to have great material strength, high fatigue resistance and is easier to install than other types of plastic piping. Polypropylene piping is often the chosen type of piping to be used because of its ease of installation, it is easily able to be joined by using heat fusion rather than glue creating a stronger bond.

Polypropylene Pipe Temperature Rating:

The typical temperature rating for Polypropylene Pipe is 14 to 230°F (-40 to 65°C).

Polypropylene Pipe Specifications:

Please contact us with any additional questions about polypropylene pipe sizes, dimensions, manufacturers, welding, glue, or installation.

Polypropylene Pipe Common Variations:

There are many common variations and abbreviations for polypropylene pipe. Some include pp pipe, polypro pipe, and poly pipe. The most commonly used are pp pipe, polypro pipe.

Polypropylene Pipe (PP Pipe) is plastic pipe better suited for high tempature applications. The operating temperature range is 14 to 230°F (-40 to 65°C). It is resistant to chemicals and has better corrosive handling values. Polypropylene has good material strength and is very resistant to fatigue. It is better in high pressure rating uses. Polypropylene Pipe can be affected by UV radiation, but is easier to install than some other plastic pipes.

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