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Wholesale PVDF Pipe

PVDF PipePVDF Pipe, short for Polyvinylidene Fluoride, is a thermoplastic pipe with unique properties that make it the most resistant of all thermoplastic piping materials. PVDF pipes are available in many sizes ranging from ½” to 24” to suit the needs of your project. PVDF is known for having excellent chemical and physical properties, high abrasion resistance, resistance to most inorganic acids and bases, resistance to aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, lightweight material, alcohols, and halogenated solvents. Non-toxic, PVDF is a good choice for applications requiring high purity like laboratories or food processing.

We offer a full line of IPS (Iron Pipe Size) PVDF fittings and pipe ranging from 1/2" to 24"

PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard

Part No.
160 175480668 PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard, 150 psi
200 175480669 PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard, 150 psi
225 175480670 PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard, 150 psi
250 175480671 PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard, 150 psi
315 175480674 PVDF Pipe, PN 10, PVDF-Standard, 150 psi


PVDF is a bit more expensive compared to other thermoplastics, but can be an economic choice due to its durability and longevity where other materials would need to be replaced more frequently. This type of piping is attractive as well because it can easily be installed using a technique called heat fusion welding. The result is a smooth finish that resists abrasion, resists a long list of chemicals, and is even UV resistant! PVDF is non-combustible and is able to maintain most of its strength and chemical resistance even when exposed to applications ranging in temperature from -40˚F to 285˚F. Typically PVDF is used in chemical plants, underground fuel containment, food and beverage handling, potable water, waste pipe, and wastewater treatment applications to name a few.

PVDF Pipe Specifications

Please contact support for pricing or specific questions about PVDF pipe sizes, dimensions, manufacturers, welding, glue, or installation.



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