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Stainless Butterfly Valves

CIS carries a generous selection of stainless steel butterfly valves, which are ideal for many industrial applications. We carry Max-Seal resilient seat valves in three categories: ISO Series, Chem Tek Series, and Chem Flo Series. The ISO Series is designed for direct mount automation. The Chem Tek Series valves have a corrosion-resistant body. The Chem Flo Series is PDFE-lined for high corrosion and high purity. Valves are available in sizes from 2” to 12”.

Chem-Tek Series - Semi-Lug Butterfly Valves - (Stainless Steel Body)

Chem-Tek Stainless Steel Butterfly Valve

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Model(s): 53
Size Range: 2" thru 12"

Pressure Rating: BUNA, EPDM & VITON Seat: 200 WOG, PTFE Seat: 150 WOG

Design Features:

  • • One piece body with extended neck clearance for flanges
  • • Primary stem seals are formed by preloaded contact bwtween disc and seat
  • • Field replaceable phenolic bonded cartridge seat is blowout proof - great for vacuum service

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ISO Series - Butterfly Valves Designed for Direct Mount Automation - (Stainless Steel Options)

ISO Series Butterfly Valve by MaxSeal

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  • Wafer Type 51I
  • Lug Type 52I
Size Range: 1-1/2" thru 48"

Pressure Rating:

  • 1-1/2" - 12": 200 WOG
  • 14" - 24": 175 WOG

Design Features:

  • • Ease of Automation
  • • High Flow Capacity
  • • Wafer Body Features Four Alignment Lugs
  • • Phenolic Backed Cartridge Seats

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Chem-Flo Series - PTFE Lined Valves for High Corrosion, High Purity - (Stainless Steel Options)

Chem-Flo Series Butterfly Valve

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  • Wafer Type 25
  • Lug Type 26
Size Range: 2" thru 12"

Pressure Rating:

  • 2" - 14": 150 PSI
  • 16" - 24": 100 PSI

Design Features:

  • • 2 Piece Body Design, 2 Piece Stem Design
  • • Ease of Automation
  • • Phenolic Backed Seats
  • • Epoxy Coated Body

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Why Choose Our High Performance (SS) Butterfly Valves?

When you need the highest-performance valves, you go with stainless steel. Stainless steel is one of the most versatile materials for manufacturing and fluid processing because of its wide range of compatibility. In fact, stainless steel has compatibility ratings of “Good” to “Excellent” for most chemical and compounds, even some of the harshest that exist. Stainless steel is also strong. It can withstand extremely high pressures, up to 1000psi WOG, and temperatures, around 2000F (1093C). You would be hard-pressed to create an environment too hot for stainless steel.

These stainless steel valves are butterfly valves, specifically. This means they have a disk inside that rotates 90 degrees around a central stem to open and close. When the disk is parallel to the flow, the valve is open. When the disk is perpendicular to the flow, the valve is closed. The disk on both sides of the stem looks a little like wings and is what gives the butterfly valve its name. In the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries, butterfly valves are often used to interrupt flow within a process. Butterfly valves are often actuated specifically for desired flow rates.

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