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CPVC Duct Coupling

CPVC duct is made to handle fumes, exhaust, and drain applications for industrial and institutional facilities. We carry a full selection of CPVC duct couplings for connecting duct pipe together. This is especially useful when using long runs of CPVC duct. Couplings are fittings designed to accept the same size duct pipe in each end. Our CPVC duct products are iron pipe size (IPS) seamless extruded round duct.

CPVC duct couplings are installed using solvent cement welding for smaller sizes and hot air welding for larger sizes (14”+). Engineers and contractors choose CPVC for duct systems due to the materials low cost and ease of use. It is also extremely versatile and can withstand a host of chemicals. CPVC is a corrosion resistant material, lightweight, and has a high temperature rating of 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

When connecting straight runs of 10ft or 20ft lengths of duct pipe, CPVC duct couplings are the most efficient way to continue the run. Our sleeved couplings come in a wide ranges of sizes from 2 inch up to 24 inch. Like all our CPVC duct products, these couplings (sometimes called CPVC duct couplers) are a light gray color to match your whole system. The CPVC duct we carry is all round in shape, not square or rectangular. That makes for easier installation and joining together of duct pipe and fittings.

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  1. 18 inch CPVC Duct Coupling 1834-CP-18

    18" CPVC Duct Coupling 1834-CP-18

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