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PVC Duct Butterfly Damper

PVC duct systems are commonly used for systems that handle venting, drainage and corrosive fumes. Sometimes, these systems need the ability to block airflow temporarily. For these applications, PVC duct butterfly dampers work well. They can be set up to stop or start the flow of the air in the system quickly, thus allowing the system to be customized to meet your exact needs.

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  1. 16" PVC Duct Butterfly Damper 1034-BD-16

    16" PVC Duct Butterfly Damper 1034-BD-16

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PVC ductwork is ideal for venting, drainage and corrosive fume systems because it is corrosion and chemical resistant. This makes PVC duct systems popular in commercial buildings. PVC is known for being a strong, durable and corrosion resistant material. PVC duct materials, like PVC duct butterfly dampers, have thinner walls than PVC pipe, so they are not designed for high-pressure systems. However, this thinner material allows for much larger diameters, which is ideal for duct systems.

PVC duct butterfly dampers work like a valve. The opening and closing design resembles a butterfly's wing, thus the name PVC duct butterfly dampers. The system inside the damper has two flaps that open or close to allow or block air flow. They can be set up to open and close either automatically or manually, depending on your needs. Dampers will divert air flow or fumes or block them completely when installed in a PVC duct system.

We stock PVC butterfly dampers in a wide range of sizes. You will find small 2-inch dampers and dampers as large as 24 inches in size to meet all of your needs. These dampers feature belled ends which allow them to be integrated into the duct by slipping the PVC duct into the fitting. They can then be welded into place or attached using an adhesive, if desired, for a strong connection. Start shopping now to find the PVC duct butterfly dampers that best meet your needs.