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PVC Duct Flex Hose Adapter (Socket)

When designing a PVC ductwork system, you may come across a situation that does not allow for the use of straight pipes. Flexible duct makes working in these unique spaces easier, allowing you to use PVC duct systems even in plans that have several obstacles. When you are connecting a piece of PVC flexible duct to a straight PVC duct pipe, you will need the right adapter. A PVC duct flex hose adapter socket will connect these two pieces easily and quickly.

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  1. 4" PVC Duct Flex Hose Adapter (Socket) 1034-FHA-04

    4" PVC Duct Flex Hose Adapter (Socket) 1034-FHA-04

    4 inch PVC Duct Flex Hose Adapter (Socket) 1034-FHA-04 Learn More
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PVC flex hose adapters come in two main configurations. Both have spigot ends to connect to the flexible duct, but spigot adaptors have a slip socket for the other end, while socket adapters have a belled end. Connecting the pipe into the belled end is simple. Just insert the pipe inside the belled end, then use cement or hot welding techniques to ensure that it stays where it belongs and creates an air tight seal. These adapters are designed to connect pipes that have the same size diameter as the adapter. The interior diameter on the socket end is identical to the exterior diameter of the spigot end to ensure a tight fit.

Because they are made from durable PVC, these PVC duct adapters will not pit, rust or corrode, even when exposed to outdoor elements or corrosive vapors and chemicals, making it strong enough for commercial use. When you need the flexibility to work around obstacles and need to connect straight pipe to flexible pipe, these PVC duct adaptors with spigot end are a good choice. We stock a wide range of sizes, including the small 2-inch diameter size all the way up to the 16 inch size for large systems, and all are a dark gray color. Start shopping today to find the size that fits your system.