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Schedule 80 PVC Caps

In situations where lines end with an open pipe, Schedule 80 PVC caps create a tight seal that will keep the line free of debris while preventing leaks. With the addition of a cap to the end of a pipe, flow will stop and outside contaminants will be kept out. All of these Schedule 80 PVC caps are NSF-14 certified and meet ASTM D1784 standards.

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These Schedule 80 PVC caps are available as threaded or non-threaded models. Threaded Schedule 80 PVC caps feature female threading to fit over the end of male-threaded pipes. Slip socket caps are also available, and these fit tightly inside the end of the pipe to create a waterproof seal. Adhesive is always an option when the pipe needs to be permanently capped. Plugs, which perform a similar function, contain male threaded ends.

Schedule 80 PVC caps are ideal for applications where the pipe may not always need to be capped. Threaded pipes, specifically, can easily be removed should the need arise to add another line in the future. These caps are commonly found in chemical processing, irrigation and home plumbing and sewer applications, but they can be used in any application that requires a tight-fitting seal at the end of a pipe. Because they are Schedule 80 PVC caps, they can handle higher pressures and temperatures than other types of fittings.