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Schedule 80 PVC Couplings

Schedule 80 PVC couplings connect two pipes to allow the continuous flow of fluids through a system. With a ride range of configurations, they can be used to connect pipes of different diameters or the same diameter, making them one of the most flexible connecting fittings available. Schedule 80 PVC couplings meet ASTM D784 standards and carry NSF-14 certification.

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  1. 8" Schedule 80 PVC Coupling Slip 829-080

    8" Schedule 80 PVC Coupling Slip 829-080

    829-080 8" Schedule 80 PVC Couplings, slip x slip Learn More
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Schedule 80 PVC couplings come in many different configurations, but the most common types are those with slip socket ends and those with female pipe threading. Both provide a water-tight seal and can be used with or without adhesive. Male pipe threaded ends are also available, although they are less commonly used. Couplings can have two ends that match or two different ends. The pipes being connected will determine which one is the correct one to use n any given application. These couplings range in size from 1/4 inch diameters to 12-inch diameters.

Schedule 80 PVC couplings are made from thick Schedule 80 PVC. It is designed to be used in high temperature and high pressure applications. It does not erode or corrode when used with corrosive chemicals or in underground applications, and because it is not metal, it will not rust when constantly exposed to weather. This makes these couplings ideally suited for underground use in irrigation and landscaping as well as for use in chemical mixing, home plumbing and factory systems.