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Replacement / Spare Parts for Eaton POLYLINE Bag Filter Housings

Eaton's POLYLINE filter bag housing is a great alternative to metal housings. Made of durable PVDF or Polypropylene, these vessels are designed to stand up to highly corrosive materials or applications that require an ultra pure environment.

POLYLINE housings use no metal and are made to be easy to use and clean. There are a limited number of parts that may need to be replaced or parts that can be added on for additional features. CIS carries all spare and replacement parts for Eaton filter housings, plus, all the size 01 and 02 replacement filter bags you need for your application going forward. Call us today to order.

POLYLINE Polypropylene and PVDF Spare Parts
 Part Number  Description  Size  Material
 CRXV427A  16" PPL basket w/ handle  01  PPL
 CRXV425A  32" PPL basket w/ handle  02  PPL
 CRXV525A  32" PVDF basket w/ handle  02  PVDF
 CRXV428  Bag Hold Down Ring    PPL
 CRXV528  Bag Hold Down Ring    PVDF
 CRXV422  Vessel Cover    PPL
 CRXV522  Vessel Cover    PVDF
 FLXTVENT  Bleeder Vent Assembly    PPL
 ORX446V70  VITON Cover O-Ring for PPL/PVDF    VITON
 ORX446E70  EPDM Cover O-Ring for PPL/PVDF    EPDM
 FLTDPAL  DP Gauge Ass. (AL)    Aluminum
 FLTDPSS  DP Gauge Ass. (SS)    316 SS
 FLTDPSW  DP Switch (for use w/ DP Gauge Ass.)    
 FLXT42FLG  2" Ready Flange THD    PPL


Authorized Eaton Distributor
Why buy from Commercial Industrial Supply? We carry all POLYLINE parts and replacement bags at discount prices. CIS is an Authorized Eaton Distributor, so we actually work with Eaton to provide authentic quality parts. We supply replacement parts for Eaton filtration users around the world. Get the parts that are made for your individual housing and keep your Eaton POLYLINE all plastic vessel running in tip-top condition with Commercial Industrial Supply. Ordering is easy - call today.