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CLEARGAF™ Filter Bags

CLEARGAF™ Filter Bags by Eaton
Cleargaf Filter Bags - Eaton

Eaton’s CLEARGAF™ filter bag line is entirely FDA compliant. From design to handling, Eaton has taken extreme precautions to create a food compatible filter without contaminants from production or handling. CLEARGAF™ bags are made completely of FDA compliant materials and they are fully EC compliant per 90/80/EEC. Each filter is packed separately to keep bags contaminant-free during shipping and storage. CLEARGAF™ bags are used in the production of all kinds of food products like: juice, milk, soft drinks, potable water, beer/wine, and liquid sugar. It is also used in other FDA regulated fields like pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Get the best in filters from Eaton today – call our product experts for a quote or assistance ordering. 




Code                            Material                                    Micron Range                               Filter Bag Size                                       
Code  Diameter    Length  Filter Surface (ft.2)
POF Polypropylene Felt FDA Grade 1/5/10/25 P01E 7" 17" 2.6
POXLF Poplypropylene Extended Life Felt FDA Grade 1/5/10 P02E 7" 32" 5
PEF Polyester Felt FDA Grade 1 P01E/P01H* 7" 17" 5
PEXLF Polyester Extended Life Felt FDA Grade 1/5/10 HP02E/P02* 7" 32" 5
AGF ACUGAF Meltblown Polypropylene

Efficiency Code

E01E 7" 17" 2.6
51/53/55/57/59 E02E 7" 32" 5
PGF PROGAF Meltblown Polypropylene 51/55/57 E02E 7" 32" 5


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