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Filter bags are used in a multitude of industrial applications around the world, but each use has a unique need. Your applications may require a certain material, size bag, or other specification. One of the biggest differences between different filter bags is the micron rating. This is essentially the smallest size material that the bag will filter out. The smaller the micron, the smaller the debris the filter bag will remove from the process media.

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Micron is a metric measurement of length. The word micron is short for micrometer (μm). This unit of measurement is the standard when referring to bag filtration sizes. Smaller micron rated bags have smaller size "holes" in the bag, while larger micron sizes have larger size holes, allowing larger size debris to pass through without being filtered out.

Micron size is crucial when choosing a filter bag. If the micron is too small, the filter bag can quickly become clogged and filled with debris. If the micron is too large, you can miss some of the solids that need to be removed. When it comes to applications where a range of solid sizes need to be removed, many industrial users set up a system of bag filters that filter out the debris from largest size to smallest size. This allows for the solids to be collected gradually without clogging up the smaller bags and requiring them to be replaced very often.