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PROGAF™ Filter Bags

PROGRAF Filter MediaEaton’s PROGAF™ filters provide a dense high efficiency filtration of up to 99.9%. Its unique multi-layer structure creates a progressive barrier to trap debris and contaminants in stages – preventing blockage and ensuring absolute filtration. Made of 100% Polypropylene, this filter is durable, economic and disposable. It lasts longer and is more cost efficient than other renewable filters, plus, it works better than a filter cartridge! You can find PROGAF™ filters in a wide range of applications across several industries – from electronics to food and beverage.


PROGAF™ standard bag filter models are listed below. Give us a call or click below to order online!

(NOTE: Bags must be ordered in box quantities)

PROGAF Polypropylene Meltblown with SENTINEL Ring

Part Number Description Box Qty Micron Rating @ 99% Size
F5865399 PGF-50-E02E-O-04 4 .45 02
F5869219 PGF-51-E02E-O-04 4 .5 02
F5869229 PGF-55-E02E-O-04 4 10 02

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Filtration efficiency confirmed by independent testing laboratory.

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