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Basket Strainers

Basket Strainers for Industrial Filtration

Basket style strainers are commonly found in industrial applications that require liquid filtration. They are versatile in that they come in different pipe sizes, materials, flow rate specifications, and basket mesh / perforation.

These strainers work by piping liquid media into the basket chamber, through the basket (with chosen mesh or perforation) and out of the strainer back into the normal pipe line flow. The basket serves as the actual filtering mechanism, and it gradually is filled with solids that are caught inside. When a basket is full it must be emptied or replaced with an empty basket.

Simplex Basket Strainers

Simplex basket strainers are the most basic basket strainer in that they have one chamber. They require the filtration process be stopped in order to change or clean a full basket. This works great for some applications, but others require a more versatile manual strainer.

Duplex Basket Strainers

For applications where shutting down is not an option, there are Duplex style basket strainers. These feature multiple basket chambers and a mechanism that allows flow to be diverted from one chamber to another. The result is the ability to clean/change baskets while the filtration process is still going on (in the other chamber).

Basket Strainers Across Industries


Basket strainers are extremely important in processing wastewater. They are able to remove solids and debris of varying degrees depending on the mesh or perforation used. This allows debris to be filtered out gradually in stages, as to not clog up one filter.

Food & Beverage

You would be amazed how many of the products we consume require filtration. Basket strainers are a key step in production for a variety of different food and beverage operations. Eaton offers a number of FDA approved options for sensitive applications like this.



Think about all the liquids and gels and ointments on the shelves of your local store. Many of these materials have to be strained to remove any solids and create a uniform consistency.

Paint & Ink

Paints are manufactured using a mixture of resins and colorants that must create a smooth, uniform final product. Basket strainers are one way these solids are removed from production.

Gasoline & Oil

The petroleum industry is dependent on crucial expensive equipment to process oil and gasoline. Basket strainers are invaluable to refineries and processing plants, as they are able to remove debris and protect equipment from damage during production.

Chemical Processing