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Power-Strut Fiberglass Strut

Power-Strut Aickinstrut Fiberglass StrutAickinstrut is a fiberglass strut that is the most widely used and accepted non-metallic strut support system in the world. It is the most complete line of quality non-metallic accessories, fasteners, hangers, pipe clamps and channels available on the market. Aickinstrut is a highly versatile, high strength fiberglass product that has been successfully used in thousands of applications all over the world; applications include wastewater treatment, refineries, chemical plants, marinas, pulp and paper, desalination facilities, theme parks, aquariums, and underground vaults to name a few.

CIS is a leading supplier of Aickinstrut products, including pipe clamps, fastners, pipe supports, hanging accessories and sealers & coatings. We not only supply Aickinstrut products, we actually understand how they are used and can consult with you on the right product for your specific application or needs. Browse by category using the options below:



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Aickinstrut Fiberglass Strut


Additional Information on Aickinstrut

By selecting the criteria outlined in the manual of each product you will be able to choose the proper Aickinstrut channel, fittings, and accessories that are appropriate for your application. With Aickinstrut products typically special handling is not required of their products and the fiberglass structural members can be cut and drilled at a much faster rate than with steel. Another attractive attribute that many contractors like about fiberglass struts is that they can be fabricated in less than half time allowing for substantial labor savings, as well as the product weighing about 1/3 of the weight of comparable steel products that help to make them easier to work with on the job site.