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Dallas Specialty

Dallas Specialty and Manufacturing Company provides products used in a number of industries including residential and commercial plumbing, irrigation, public water utilizes and the items used by home do-it-yourselfers. Because plumbing products are part of the infrastructure of almost every industry, the products of Dallas Specialty serve many general purposes. The company also offers specialized products used in particular tasks.

Large-scale municipal water projects utilize special components. Large, heavy-duty pipes and fittings are necessary for these high-capacity water-processing facilities. Dallas Specialties handles pipes and fittings of PVC, concrete, cast iron and clay in a wide variety of sizes. Along with municipal water and sewer treatment facilities, these products are used in commercial manufacturing plants that use large quantities of water. Along with pipes and fittings Dallas Specialties offers the tools necessary for installing and maintaining these products.

On a smaller scale, Dallas Specialties offers the pipes, fittings and accessories necessary for home installations. This includes drains, faucets and flanges necessary for home necessities like sinks, showers and toilets. The availability of these products aimed for residential use makes Dallas Specialty a one-stop shop for contractors and wholesalers who provide goods for all types of plumbing projects. Dallas Specialty also offers accessories and tools used for these residential and commercial installations.

Dallas Specialty offers products for irrigating farm fields, gardens and lawns. These specialty items include the flexible pipe used to move the water from the source to the area where it will be spread on the lawn or garden. Fittings that spray the water in a controlled pattern are also marketed along with the specialized equipment used to time and control the irrigation systems. Valves are commonly housed in valve boxes that allow access to the controls used for the irrigation system.

Many of the products sold by Dallas Specialty have multiple uses. For example, the pipes used for irrigation can be used for other water moving projects. Vendors, contractors and others working in the plumbing field can often find what they need at Dallas Specialty.

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