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   Ocal PVC Coated Conduit by Thomas & Betts

  • Ultimate corrosion protection for electrical systems • Available in 1/2" through 6" size, steel and aluminum
  • Blue Urethane (2 mil)  and PVC (40 mil) coated  • Full selection of fittings and accessories
  • Multiple PVC colors available upon request • Standards: ANSI C80.1, NEMA RN-1, UL6 & More


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Ocal Blue PVC coated conduit and fittings offer corrosion protection for electrical components in commercial and industrial applications. Made by Thomas & Betts, this conduit was specifically designed to be world class. Ocal products offer full UL Listings, advanced manufacturing techniques, and NEMA ratings. Additionally, Ocal features "Double-Coat" fittings for superior corrosion protection. Shop our selection below and learn more about this fantastic electrical conduit system.

Ocal conduit is available in two base materials: galvanized steel and aluminum. Steel is the most popular choice due to its strength and affordability. Each piece of Ocal conduit from Thomas & Betts starts as a 20 foot stick of raw steel shell. After cutting and threading, the conduit is hot-dip galvanized through immersion in a molten zinc bath. Next, 2 mils of blue urethane are applied to the inside and threads of the conduit. Last, a 40 mil layer of PVC is applied to the exterior of the conduit through rolling.

The result is a superbly protected piece of PVC coated steel conduit. This allows industrial users to get both the benefit of corrosion resistant PVC as well as the strength and protection of steel. Paired with Ocal double coated conduit fittings, this system is tried and tested for over 50 years in the harshest corrosive environments.