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Proco Pen Seal Catalog

PROCO’s line of pipe penetration seals, also known as modular seals are a quality and cost-effective solution for creating a tight seal around pipes that penetrate walls, ceilings, floors and more. PEN SEAL is suitable for PVC, iron, steel, and concrete pipes. Its wonderful insulating properties make it an ideal use for electrical conduits and other electrical applications.

PEN SEAL links come standard with EPDM seal material. This allows it to withstand temperatures ranging from -40F all the way up to 250F. Use it under water, underground, or above for a water and gas-tight seal. Need higher temperature tolerances? Try the silicone based links – able to withstand temperatures up to 400F!

No matter what your application, our product experts can help you find a PEN SEAL link type that will stand up to the job – from extreme temperatures to highly corrosive media. PEN SEAL links are available in two main hardware types, zinc steel and 316 stainless steel. 

Pen-Seal by Proco

        Zinc Nuts and Bolts (EPDM)      


Stainless Steel Nuts and Bolts (EPDM)

PS-200 E Pen Seal


PS-200 ES Pen Seal

PS-275 E Pen Seal


PS-275 ES Pen Seal

PS-300 E Pen Seal


PS-300 ES Pen Seal

PS-315 E Pen Seal


 PS-315 ES Pen Seal

PS-325 E Pen Seal


 PS-325 ES Pen Seal

PS-400 E Pen Seal


 PS-400 ES Pen Seal

PS-410 E Pen Seal


 PS-410 ES Pen Seal

PS-425 E Pen Seal


 PS-425 ES Pen Seal

PS-475 E Pen Seal


 PS-475 ES Pen Seal

PS-500 E Pen Seal


 PS-500 ES Pen Seal

PS-525 E Pen Seal


 PS-525 ES Pen Seal

PS-575 E Pen Seal


 PS-575 ES Pen Seal

PS-600 E Pen Seal


 PS-600 ES Pen Seal


pdfPen Seal Sizing Chart 

*Because modular seal sizing can be tricky we recommend consulting our product experts if this is your first time purchasing.