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Authorized Distributor of PULSAFEEDER Pumps, Controllers & Systems

Including PULSAtron, Chem-Tech, MEC-O-MATIC, BLACKLINE & OMNI

PULSAFEEDER Company LogoPULSAFEEDER is a company that is very technology-focused, supplying the best pumps and controllers available for over 10 years. These products use computer technology to pump and control flow and other variables in a system. PULSAFEEDER is known for their standard-setting pumps, such as the PULSAtron, Chem-Tech, and MEC-O-MATIC product lines. Their products have set pump and controller standards for a wide range of industries.

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In industrial settings, pumps are used to move any kind of fluid, including water, chemical, petroleum, food/beverage, and so on. PULSAFEEDER manufactures diaphragm metering pumps, peristaltic metering pumps, and mechanical motor diaphragm pumps. These different types of pumps have unique uses, but some of the jobs PULSAFEEDER pumps are capable of are irrigation, automotive (washing), chemical processing, food & beverage, mining & minerals, paints & dyes, petrochemical, and more.

PULSAFEEDER controllers are designed for use with pumps. These controllers allow you to control exact specifications of your pump without from a distance. You can control when a pump operates, with intuitive set-up and operation that is simple enough for any user. The MicroTrac, MicroVision, and Microvision EX controllers are designed specifically for cooling tower use. PULSAFEEDER offers controllers for any other type of application as well.