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Sealers & Coatings

DISCONTINUED: Aickincoat 600-1500 (Quart), 600-1600 (Gallon)

AickincoatAickincoat is a “brush-on” corrosion resistant sealant that should be applied to all cut or drilled surfaces of fiberglass to seal exposed areas from corrosion. Aickincoat dries into a clear, hard, glossy coating that restores weathered fiberglass surfaces and provides an excellent barrier from ultraviolet degradation. It is available in quart and gallon cans.

DISCONTINUED: Aickinseal 600-2100

Aickinseal can be used for light duty bonding applications of polyester and vinyl ester fiberglass materials. Aickinseal also protects the interior glass fibers which become exposed after the cutting or drilling of fiberglass. Each Aickinseal kit includes: epoxy, epoxy hardener, gloves, abrasive paper (for surface priming), stir stick and an application brush

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