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Process Equipment

Some industrial applications require specialized parts and equipment. We carry filtration equipment, instrumentation, and valves that are made for a wide range of specialized purposes. Many of these products can also be engineered per order for specific jobs due to our advantageous relationships with suppliers. Our engineered solutions can provide the custom equipment you need for your unique job at a surprisingly low price.

Instrumentation for Process Applications

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Process Equipment Applications

  • • Measuring and monitoring materials in process
  • • Starting and stopping flow of fluid in a system
  • • Filtering and purifying raw materials
  • • Guiding materials through a manufacturing system
  • • Recording volume and composition of materials in process

Why Use Engineered Equipment?

There are many reasons to use engineered equipment, but we will look at each of our categories of process equipment individually. First: filtration equipment. This category includes industrial-grade filters, strainers, cartridges, filter housings, and more. When fluids pass through a system, they are often filtered to remove debris and other impurities from the system. This debris is captured in a basket or filter bag to be disposed of later. Our engineered filtration solutions are made to order so they can fit into any system regardless of what your specific needs are. If you use custom designed filtration instead of stock equipment, it has the potential to be more effective.

The next category of process equipment is instrumentation. Instrumentation is a broad category that includes all types of equipment that monitor, measure, and control the intricate workings of process systems. For anyone who wants a consistent process, instrumentation is vital, and our engineered solutions make this easy. Our parts can be engineered for any custom or non-standard applications. When it comes to custom fluid control, our engineered instrumentation solutions are perfect.

Our final category of process equipment is valves. Everybody knows what valves are and what they do, but why would you want to use engineered valves? If you want to mount your valve a specific way that is not available with a stock valve, an engineered valve is perfect. Our custom designed valves can be engineered specifically for your purpose. These industrial-grade valves are strong enough for the toughest applications and are available with many different types of actuation systems.

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