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Filter Housings

Industrial Liquid Filter Housings

CIS is a Authorized Distributor of filtration products, including filter housings. We carry top brand filter housings for a wide range of applications and need. From small, lightweight to heavy duty multi-bag housings for high demand. If you have specific questions we have filtration experts on staff that can help answer your questions and find the right solution for you.


Bag vs Cartridge Housings

Filter Bag Housings

The two main types of industrial filter housings are bag housings and cartridge housings. Bag filter housings hold one or multiple filter bags in a vessel and allow liquid media to flow in and out, being filtered by the bag in the process. Filter bags are used for a wide range of applications, and can even filter particles down to the micron level. Filter bags must be replaced periodically as they get full and used.

Filter Cartridge Housings

Cartridge filter housings hold filter cartridges. Similar to bags, cartridges serve to remove particles from the process media. Cartridges are unique in that they are cylindrical in shape, and usually have many layers or contact points with the media. Some applications require cartridges because of the large surface area one cartridge can provide. Like bag housings, cartridge housings can also hold multiple cartridges and come in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs.

CIS is proud to carry a range of filtration products to suit unique industry specific needs. Contact us today for information or to get a price quote. Just submit this online form or give us a call at 866-777-8001.