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Bag Filter Housings

CIS carries filter bag housings that are suited for a wide range of industrial applications. These valves are constructed from many different materials, including heavy duty carbon steel and 304/316 stainless steel. These materials provide the highest possible temperature, pressure, and chemical resistances, ensuring the best performance consistently. We carry several top-of-the-line brands to provide for any and all of your industrial filtration needs. Eaton, NeoLogic, Shelco Filters, MAHLE / Nowata all manufacture high quality bag filters that get the job done. Check out our single or multi bag filter housings by clicking the links below!


Bag Filtration Applications

When you need debris or particles removed from a liquid or gas medium, bag filtration is an ideal choice. Filter bags are typically inexpensive and can be bought at different micron ratings, sizes, materials, and so on. When a filter bag is full or starts slowing flow, it can quickly and easily be replaced. Bag filtration is often seen as a middle ground between straining and cartridge filtration. Bags can filter out smaller particles than strainers, but often not as small as cartridge filters. A filter bag housing is an economical option for those in need of a fine filtration solution.

Bag filters and housings are used in many applications across almost every major industry. These applications all deal with different media, pressures, flow rates, and temperatures, showing the true versatility of filter bag housings:

  • • Asphalt mixing plants
  • • Biomass power stations
  • • Chemical plants
  • • Pharmaceuticals
  • • Food & beverage
  • • Power stations
  • • High-temperature dedusting
  • • Metal and steel production
  • • Thermal waste treatment
  • • Solid/liquid separation

Every day, CIS assists customers looking for industrial process equipment such as these filter bag housings. Our staff is trained to know everything about the products we carry; many have even worked with them for years! To talk to us or get pricing information, call 866-777-8001 or fill out our easy quote request form.