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Find the right valve for your application by material, size, and valve type. CIS carries multiple valve lines from top manufacturers to meet all specifications and budgets. See all our ball valves, butterfly valves, check valves and even specialty valves like diaphragms. Request a quote on the valve type you need today.


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Top Valve Types for Process Applications

Ball Valves (Best for Pipelines 4" and Under)

Ball valves are one of the most common types of valve used around the world - from home aquariums to industrial facilities. Ball valves allow for easy open/close control, either allowing or stopping flow, usually in a pipe line. Ball valves come in a variety of types and styles to suit different needs. We carry a large selection of ball valves, from threaded, to flanged - manual to actuated. Most ball valves have one inlet and one outlet, with a ball in the center that can be rotated using a handle. The ball has a hole in the center that is either lined up with the flow of media (open) or turned perpendicular to the flow (closed). However, ball valves can come in multi-port types too.

Butterfly Valves (From 2" through Extra Large Pipelines)

Butterfly valves are similar to ball valves in that they are also used for on/off control. Butterfly valves are often more compact - available in a wafer or lug style design that is installed between flanges usually. Like ball valves, butterfly valves can be controlled manually, but can also be actuated for automated control. Our butterfly valve lines span many different specialties - from valves made to handle highly corrosive media, to ISO valves.

Check Valves (For Back-Flow Prevention)

Check valves are used when you need to allow flow in one direction only. Unlike ball valves and butterfly valves, check valves do not have a handle to control flow. They simply use the components of the valve to block backflow in a pipeline. Check valves come in different materials and styles, like ball check valves, swing check valves and others.

Gate Valves & Knife Valves (Wide Range of Sizes for Cutting Off Flow of Media)

Gate valves can allow media to flow through a pipeline or be blocked by the "gate". A handle on top can be turned to raise or lower the gate. When working with thick or stringy media, sometimes it's necessary to use what is called a knife valve. This is a type of gate valve with a sharp blade at the bottom of the gate that allows the valve to cut through the media when closing the valve.

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