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Ball Valves

Ball valves are one of the most common valve types for liquid flow control. Ball valves commonly come in 1/4" to 4" sizes and are best suited to smaller pipe sizes. Ball valves come in a wide selection of materials and features to meet your specific needs - from locking handles to automation. Narrow down by material, size, and feature to find the valve that best suits your needs. For assistance or pricing please give us a call or fill out our online quote form.

Ball Valve Material Options


Materials to Suit Any Application

CIS carries ball valves in all materials of construction. Find the right valve and seal materials to suit your chemical, temperature, and flow needs. Each material has it's pros and cons depending on the use, budget, etc. CIS proudly supplies stainless steel ball valves, carbon steel ball valves, brass ball valves, PVC ball valves and CPVC ball valves. Additionally, valves can have a different seal material that also must be taken into account as it comes into contact with the media.

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