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Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are extremely useful in liquid process when pipeline size exceeds 2" and ball valves become more and more difficult to turn. Butterfly valves take up minimal space, and allow for open and close positions with various disc positions in-between. They can come in manual style levers and gear operators, but they can also be automatically controlled via actuators. This allows for precise and efficient control over each valve point in your facility. See some of our valve types for process applications below and contact us today for information and pricing.

Butterfly Valves Material Options


Common Butterfly Valve Materials of Construction

Butterfly valves are an essential tool for flow control in almost any liquid processing application. They come in a wide range of designs, many created specifically to meet a particular need or parameter. Butterfly valves are made in several different materials, and like design features, each material of construction is best suited for a particular environment or use. The material used is highly dependent on temperature ratings, flow properties, chemical compatibility and other key factors. See the table below for an overview of material properties.

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