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Compact Ball Valves

Compact ball valves are ball valves that are smaller than the average pvc ball valve. This means that they offer the ability to control flow and turn it on and off with the simple turn of a knob in small places that are hard to reach. These valves range in size between 0.2 inches to 2 inches. They can be either straight valves or incorporate a tee to help change the direction of flow.

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    6" Gray PVC Compact Ball F01600GS

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The fact that they are small does not mean that compact ball valves are inferior to their larger counterparts. In fact, they are basically the same as the larger PVC ball valves, just in a smaller size. Like all ball valves, they contain a ball inside that rotates with the turn of the handle. The ball has a hole drilled through the middle of it, and it sits in a set where it rotates 90 degrees. When the valve is in the “on” position, the ball aligns with the entrance and exit points of the valve, allowing the flow of fluids. In the “off” position, the ball turns so the hole is not exposed, creating a watertight seal and completely stopping flow.

Turning the valve on and off is simple with the handle, which can usually be operated with one hand, thus making it a fast and effective way to stop and start the flow. The fact that the hole in the ball is nearly the same size as the pipe’s diameter means that these valves allow flow with a minimal drop in pressure, all while offering a convenient and fast way to stop flow. Compact ball valves are commonly used in small applications like beverage dispensing, measurement and control and swimming pools. They can be used anywhere that a small pipe system requires a valve. These valves are also commonly used in applications involving the transfer of gases.

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