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Enclosure accessories allow for the personalization of electrical enclosures. By utilizing these accessories you can get the specific results you are looking for without having to compromise. We offer accessories ranging from a key lock kit to specific screws for back panels.

These accessories also help fix problems or issues you may have with your electrical box. They offer many solutions and replacements if there comes a time that you need to utilize that option. There are many ways to customize or improve upon your enclosure, and you can find a wide variety of them below.

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  1. AM4-NULFS

    Nonmetallic Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit for AMU and AMP Series Enclosures

    2.5" x 1" x .25" Nonmetallic Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit - AM4-NULFS Learn More
  2. AM4-NLPS

    Back Panel Screw Kits for 24" x 20" through 30" x 24" Enclosures

    3/98-16" x .75" Back Panel Screw Kit - AM4-NLPS Learn More
  3. Key Lock Kit for 6" x 6" through 20" x 16" (Flat Cover) Enclosures
  4. LLPN-H

    Nonmetallic Snap Latch Hardware Kit

    Replacement Latch Kit - LLPN-H Learn More
  5. AM4-NLFS

    Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit for Control Series Enclosures

    2.988" x 1.25" x .12" Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit - AM4-NLFS Learn More
  6. LTKR-H316

    Twist Latch Hardware Kit for Raised Cover AM-R Series Fiberglass Enclosures

    2.021" x 1.5" x .93" Twist Latch Hardware Kit - LTKR-H316 Learn More
  7. Enclosure Carrying Handle Kit

    Enclosure Carrying Handle Kit

    Enclosure Carrying Handle Kit Learn More
  8. AM4-PFSN

    Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit for AM 743 and AM943 Enclosures

    1.625" x .438" x .07" Mounting Foot/Bracket Kit - AM4-PFSN Learn More
  9. LLK-H316

    Snap Latch Hardware Kit for Flat Cover AM Series Fiberglass Enclosures

    2.54" x 1.218" x .72" Snap Latch Hardware Kit - LLK-H316 Learn More
  10. Key Lock Kit  for 6" x 6" through 30" x 24" (Raised Cover) Enclosures

Items 1 to 10 of 20 total

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The accessories range from very specific to general in terms of their uses. For example, the easy to install enclosure carrying handle kit fits a wide range of products. Other accessories like the key lock kits accommodate a variety of very specific products depending on the size and model. In this way, it is easy to find exactly what you are looking for, no matter the level of detail you want in an accessory.

We also offer different mounting kits that aid in the installation process for enclosures of various sizes and materials. Whether you know exactly what you want or are looking to get a better idea of what is most suitable for your device, we are sure that this section will be able to help in your search!

Get everything you need to tailor your electrical enclosure to your precise needs – all online with Commercial Industrial Supply. If you have any questions about our enclosure accessories, feel free to contact us at 877-978-2729!