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   Polypropylene Cam and Groove Fittings

Polypropylene is a popular alternative to metal fittings. This durable plastic material offers excellent strength and chemical resistance. You can find polypro (as it's also known) in a multitude of household and industrial items today. Cam and lever fittings are available in a few types of polypro - glass injected polypropylene and FDA grade polypropylene. These black fittings are glass reinforced type polypropylene which is best used for water and coolant applications.

Note: Metal fittings are pictured below. Polypropylene fittings are black and non-metallic.


Cam & Groove

  Fitting Type

(PT Coupling Part #s)

Camlock Adapter A
 Camlock Coupler B  Camlock Coupler C


Adapter x Female NPT


Coupler x Male NPT


Coupler x Hose Shank

Size Part Name Item # Part Name Item # Part Name Item#
3/4" 07A 2700107  07B 2700207 07C 2700307
1"  10A 2700110  10B 2700210 10C 2700310
 1-1/4"  12A 2700112  12B 2700212 12C 2700312
 1-1/2"  15A 2700115  15B 2700215 15C 2700315
 2"  20A 2700120  20B 2700220 20C 2700320
3" 30A 2700130 30B 2700230 30C  2700330
4" 40A 2700140

40C 2700340




Cam & Groove

  Fitting Type

(PT Coupling Part #s)

Part D - Polypropylene
 Part E - Cam Polypropylene  Part F Cam - Polypropylene


Coupler X Female NPT


Adapter X Hose Shank


Adapter X Male NPT

Size Part Name Item # Part Name Item # Part Name Item#
3/4" 07D 2700407 07E 2700507 07F 2700607
1" 10D 2700410 10E 2700510 10F 2700610
 1-1/4" 12D 2700412 12E 2700512 12F 2700612
 1-1/2" 15D 2700415 15E 2700515 15F 2700615
 2" 20D 2700420 20E 2700520 20F 2700620
 3" 30D 2700430 30E 2700530 30F 2700630

40E 2700540


Cam and Groove Fittings

Known also as cam lever, camlock, cam and groove couplings and more, this versatile interlocking system of fittings is used in countries and applications around the world. Whether it be for quick refueling or chemical processing, cam and lever fittings have proven to be extremely useful in the industrial sector. We carry a range of parts, sizes, materials and accessories. See our couplings and call today for a quote. We also carry a range of specialized cam and groove fittings that we haven't put on our site. Call for info!

Our Brands

We carry two top notch cam and groove brands - PT Coupling (which are made in America) and Banjo. Both are known for their quality cam lever couplings available in stainless steel, carbon steel, polypropylene, nylon, aluminum, brass and more. We work with the best brands and develop relationships with them so we can offer you the lowest prices around. If you are looking for a particular brand please specify in your quote request.

Are you ready to buy or need assistance selecting the correct products? If so, speak with one of our experienced product specialists by calling 866-777-8001 or complete our easy to use Price Quote Form!


Cam & Groove

  Fitting Type

(PT Coupling Part #s)

Part V - Polypropylene
 VL- Dust Cap - Polypropylene  W - Adapter - Polypropylene


Dust Cap


Dust Cap w/ Locking Cam Arms


Dust Plug

Size Part Name Item # Part Name Item # Part Name Item#
3/4" 07V 2701107

07W 2701207
1"  10V 2701110

10W 2701210
 1-1/4"  12V 2701112  
12W 2701212
 1-1/2"  15V 2701115 15VL -- 15W 2701215
 2"  20V 2701120 20VL 67800020 20W 2701220
 3"  30V 2701130 30VL 67800030 30W 2701230
4" 40V 2701140 40VL 67800040 40W 2701240