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PVC Duct Fittings

PVC Duct Fittings at Wholesale Prices

PVC duct is a durable and economical solution to the handling of corrosive fumes. PVC resists corrosion and is able to handle temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. PVC duct fittings are commonly joined using solvent cement welding. Always use fittings, pipe, and other parts of the same PVC material and thickness. PVC duct and fittings require proper hangers and supports independent from supports you may be using for fans, hoods, etc. PVC duct and fittings are generally available in sizes ranging from two inches to twenty-four inches (IPS).



One of the main primary benefits of using PVC duct fittings instead of metal is that PVC is a lightweight material compared to almost all metals. This means it requires less support than its metal counterparts. PVC duct fittings are also much less expensive than metal duct fittings, allowing you to save money while still getting quality parts!

We carry several brands of PVC duct fittings, including Spears and Harrison Plastic. Both are leading manufacturers of PVC products for commercial applications. These two companies have nearly 100 combined years of experience, giving them the expertise to design these fittings to the highest possible standards, with excellent structural integrity and chemical resistances. Use these fittings to vent out harmful gases to a different location where they can be safely disposed of.

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