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Eaton Filter Cartridges

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Designed to be a cost efficient option for a range of liquid processing applications, Eaton filter cartridges are available in various sizes and micron ratings. Eaton brand cartridges are especially useful in high purity and other difficult filtration applications. They are made to the highest quality and designed for optimum performance in real-world industrial applications. 

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Filter cartridges differ from filter bags in that they are able to concentrate the amount of filter material the media comes in contact with when passing through the filter. Cartridges are often wrapped, layered, pleated, or porous to obtain the desired effect. The Eaton cartridges we carry range in micron rating from 2 microns to 125 microns. Cartridges sizes are determined by length in inches. The size cartridge required depends on the size your filter housing is designed to take. See our selection of LOFCLEAN™ cartridges today.

Filter cartridges are usually compact, replaceable filters that are installed in a housing. The filters collect contaminants from the process media that is run through the housing and cartridge. The LOFCLEAN™ cartridges we carry are best for viscous liquids, not gels or thick substances.

Authorized Eaton DistributorWhy buy from Commercial Industrial Supply? As an Official Eaton Filtration Distributor, CIS is one of small number of suppliers who works closely with Eaton to bring you authentic Eaton brand filtration products. Our filter cartridges come directly from Eaton, and we work with their talented team to provide first-class customer support for all your filtration needs. Order today for the best prices in LOFCLEAN™ filter cartridges. We offer quick shipping direct to your facility.