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Filter Housing Parts

Eaton Filter Housing Replacement Parts

Eaton spare parts and accessories, like all Eaton filtration products are made of top quality materials and designed to perform. As an Authorized Eaton Distributor, we carry the entire line of filter housing replacement parts. Keep your filtration system working as it should with replacement O-ring seals, bag holddown rings, eye bolts, leg assemblies and more. We also offer a range of parts that improve your system like displacement balloons and magnetic strainers.

Find your filter housing model below and view some of the spare parts and optional products for your housing.

One replacement part at is most commonly needed is the O-ring. O-rings might be found in several places on your housing. They are usually made of an elastomer like Buna N, Viton, or EPDM. This material is designed to create a seal so the housing is liquid-tight. O-rings might need to be replaced due to wear, or damage. They should be inspected regularly to be sure they are working properly and are not pinched or dirty.

Another commonly replaced item is the bag holddown ring. This is the piece that is installed after changing out your bag. It keeps the bag held in place on different vessels such as the FLOWLINE and SIDELINE. Because these are removed during bag replacement, they are sometimes misplaced or damaged. 

Displacement balloons are extremely useful in applications where the process media is particularly valuable or quick bag changes are vital. The balloon sits inside the filter bag, filling up much of the open space and limiting the amount of process media allowed into the bag space. The result is no waiting for liquid to drain from a full bag, and no wasting of entire bags full of media. These are available in both 01 and 02 sizes.

Authorized Eaton Distributor
Why buy from Commercial Industrial Supply? Buying from CIS ensures you are buying from an Authorized Eaton Distributor - which isn't always the case. Our parts come direct from Eaton, so you know you are getting replacement and spare housing parts that are guaranteed to work with your model. We also ship internationally, and have the shortest lead times possible. Find the parts you need today and see why CIS is the go-to Eaton Filtration supplier for so many industrial users around the world.