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MINILINE Filter Housings

Compact, Lightweight Stainless Steel Filter Vessels

Miniline Filter Housing - EatonEaton’s MINILINE filter housings are designed for use in self-supported applications. Unlike the larger stand-alone housings, the MINILINE vessels are light weight and smaller in size – the largest model being around 36” high. Made from type 316 stainless steel, MINILINE housings are constructed with top-quality materials for a powerful filter in a compact package. These vessels are available in two different models – EBR for lower pressures and SBF for higher pressure applications.  Use with 03 or 04 size filter bags. Call today for a quote or for more information on Eaton filter housings like the MINLINE. 


  • • Buna N seals
  • • NPT connections
  • • Max temp/press of 300 psi/250F
  • • Max temp/press of 150psi/250F
  • • Type 316 stainless steel
  • • Side inlet piping connection


(EBF) Side In/Bottom Out

Stainless Steel
 Part Number  Description  Size  Material  Connection
 F3AVEB00006  EBF-0103-AB10-010N-NS-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1" NPT
 EBF0101SB15T  EBF-0103-AB10-015N-NS-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT
 EBF0102SB15T  EBF-0104-AB10-015N-NS-B-NNS  04  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT


(EBF) In-Line

Stainless Steel
 Part Number  Description  Size  Material  Connection
 F3AVEB00112  EBF-0103-AB10-007B-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  3/4" NPT
 F3AVEB00111  EBF-0103-AB10-010N-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1" NPT
 F3AVEB00110  EBF-0103-AB10-015N-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT


(SBF) Side In/Bottom Out

 Stainless Steel
 Part Number  Description  Size  Material  Connection
 SBF0101SD15TKD  SBF-0103-AB21-015N-NS-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT
 SBF0102SD15TKD  SBF-0104-AB21-015N-NS-B-NNS  04  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT


(SBF) In-Line

Stainless Steel
 Part Number  Description  Size  Material  Connection
 F3AVSB00122  SBF-0103-AB21-007N-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  3/4" NPT
 F3AVSB00121  SBF-0103-AB21-010N-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1" NPT 
 F3AVSB00120  SBF-0103-AB21-015N-NI-B-NNS  03  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT
 F3AVSB1018  SBF-0104-AB21-010N-NI-B-PNS  04  316 SS  1" NPT
 F3AVSB1027  SBF-0104-AB21-015N-NI-B-PNS  04  316 SS  1-1/2" NPT

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