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Model 570 Multi-Basket Strainer

Eaton Model 570 Strainer

     Eaton Model 570 Duplex Multi-Basket Strainer 

Model 570 Strainer Features

• Iron or Carbon Steel

• Flanged connections

• Continuous flow - no shutdown for cleaning!

• Sliding gate design

• Secure bolted cover

• Comes with perforated mesh stainless steel basket

• Synchronized drive equalizes pressure


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The Eaton Model 570 Multi-Basket strainer allows for continuous flow and the removal of harmful particulate matter. Hand wheels switch flow from one basket chamber to the other with the sliding gate mechanism. The Model 570 has four baskets in each of two chambers – eight baskets total in this duplex strainer. Its low profile provides a compact duplex strainer for cramped spaces. The angled top provides less pressure loss upon entry. The four individual baskets make it simple for just one person to change or clean them. And you won’t need to change or clean strainer baskets as often, saving on operating costs.

       Size               Material      End Connection        Seals          Pressure Rating    
8" to 24"
Iron Flanged 125# Non-Asbestos 125 PSI @ 100F 
8" to 24" Carbon Steel Flanged 150# 175 PSI @ 100F
8" to 16" Flanged 300# 300 PSI @ 100F


  • Optional bronze or stainless steel • Optional basket flange gaskets and magnetic basket inserts
  • Optional vent and drain valves • Choose your basket mesh or perforation (20, 40, 60 or 1/32 - 12")

Duplex Basket Strainers

Model 570 is a serious basket strainer! It features what is called a "duplex" design. That means it allows flow to be diverted from one side to another to accommodate for cleaning of one basket without shutting down the line. This is ideal for large jobs that require 100% uptime.


Eaton Filtration Products

Eaton is one of the top names in industrial filtration. They specialize in metal basket strainers and even manufacture Hayward strainers. Eaton and Hayward strainers are the premiere products on the scene today - featuring the most cutting-edge technologies to meet your industrial needs. See our strainers, filter bags, housings, and replacement parts and call us to place an order.


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