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Simplex Strainers

Simplex basket strainers are in pipeline filtration vessels that collect contaminants from your liquid media process. They are used in a wide range of industrial applications from wastewater to lube oil systems. Simplex strainers work by filtering media through a single basket chamber. Liquid media comes in one side of the strainer through a pipe line, passes through the filter basket, and exits the strainer through another pipe line.

Simplex strainers require the process to be shut down during basket changes or cleanings. For this reason, they are commonly used for batch processes or used in applications where intermittent downtime is not an issue. Eaton makes a number of Simplex style basket strainers for industrial use.

Duplex Strainers

Duplex basket strainers are slightly more complex than Simplex strainers. They are similar in that they employ a basket and chamber that filtration media passes through to collect contaminants. The difference lies in the number of basket chambers. Simplex strainers have one chamber and require shutting down of the line to access the basket. Duplex strainers have more than one basket chamber, and therefore, flow can be diverted from one side to another for easy basket changing without stopping the filtration process.

Most Duplex strainers use a diverter plug or valve (like a butterfly valve) to direct flow from one chamber to another. This is ideal for applications where 100% uptime is a must.


Another basic type of pipeline strainer is the Y-Strainer. This type of strainer is used for light duty filtration and the protection of sensitive equipment that could be affected by solids in the filtration media. Many times Y-Strainers are used in line before meters and pump equipment to protect them from stray contaminants. Y-Strainers use a mesh or perforated metal to collect solids. Eaton's metal Y-Strainer is the Model 85, and it is used in a wide variety of industrial applications around the world today.

Fabricated Strainers

For big jobs or very customized applications, fabricated pipe line strainers are sometimes the best option. Fabricated strainers are specially made to meet the specifications of your application. This could include multiple standard strainers hooked together or a customized configuration of strainers and valves. Some jobs require fabricated strainers because the standard simplex and duplex strainers on the market do not meet the needs of their use.

Temporary Strainers

Temporary strainers are the most basic type of pipe line strainers. They are only used right after installation of the pipe line or after installation of a new piece of equipment. The temporary strainer is usually cone shaped and it collects debris as it flows through the pipe line. After a period of time, the strainer is removed and processes can continue as usual. The Eaton Model 92 temporary strainer is a good option for many industrial applications where minimal short term debris issues are a problem.