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Temporary Strainers

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Temporary strainers are primarily found in start-up applications where solids and debris from construction or installation might be trapped in the line. These sediments and solids are often harmful to equipment and can contaminate the process media, so temporary strainers catch them. These strainers are usually cone shaped and installed in a pipe line so that the media passes through, but the solids are caught in the perforated or mesh cone. The strainers can then easily be removed once the initial debris is collected so that the intended processing can carry on without contamination.

Benefits of Temporary Strainers

Cost Efficient

Temporary strainers are basic and very cost effective. They are inexpensive, but can help tremendously in removing debris from a start up application that otherwise would be very difficult to clean out.

Easy to Use

The cone shaped temporary strainers are easy to install in a pipeline. They can be flanged in place and checked at intervals for cleaning or to remove them once they have served their purpose.

Protects Equipment

One of the main uses for this type of strainer is to protect equipment like pumps and valves from debris that is trapped in a pipe line from construction and installation. This could be something as big as a piece of plastic or as small as sawdust. Temporary strainers provide an inexpensive way to ensure the line is clear before beginning production.

Options to Suit Your Application

Eaton's Model 92 strainer is available in stainless steel or Monel construction to handle a range of chemicals and media types. They also come in a range of mesh liners or perforations so you can select a strainer that suits your unique debris removal needs.