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Y Strainers

Shop Y-Strainers for Industrial Uses

Y-Strainers (Sometimes called "Wye Strainers") are designed for uses where the debris being removed is minimal and the strainer can collect solids for a period of time without having to be emptied often. They are used in liquid applications, but are also useful in steam and gas industries. Y-Strainers are particularly useful for protecting expensive or sensitive equipment from contaminants and debris. They use a small scree of mesh or perforated metal to catch the solids as they pass through the pipe line and through the strainer.

Why are Y-Strainers Useful?

They Are Compact

Y-Strainers are some of the most basic manual strainers, and they are also some of the most compact. They fit in tight spaces and are installed by threaded, flanged, or socket weld ends. Eaton's Model 85 strainer is available in sizes ranging from 1/4" to 10" pipe lines.

They Are Cost Effective

Y-Strainers are some of the most cost effective straining options because they are small and fairly basic. In many applications a Y-Strainer is all you need, and it will be the fraction of the cost of a basket type strainer.

They Are Efficient

This type of strainer is easy to install, works without any oversight or assistance, and does not require frequent clean-out. It takes up little room, and is available in a range of mesh (20 to 400) and perforations (1/32" to 1/2").

They Are Heavy Duty

Eaton's Model 85 Y-Strainer can handle steam pressure of up to 1480 psi and very high temperatures as well. That makes them extremely useful for steam applications where solids cannot be allowed to circulate freely through the pipe line.

They Protect Your Equipment

Y-Strainers are particularly useful for protecting high-dollar and sensitive equipment. The screens catch solids and debris that can be damaging and cause down time. They are commonly found installed next to pumps, meters, regulators and control valves.