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Flanged Ball Valves

Flanged Ball Valves for Process Applications

Commonly found in process engineered systems, flanged ball valves are easy to install and remove. They are available in class 150 and class 300 type flanges, making it easy to match up to other brands and equipment. Flo-Tite offers a wide variety of flanged-end ball valves. The advantages of using flanged-end valves are numerous, but they tend to stem from one simple attribute of these valves: ease of installation. Instead of welding or screwing these valves onto a pipeline, they are bolted to another flange. This makes installation easy and provides a simple way to replace, clean, and maintain the valve throughout its life. All Flo-Tite flanged ball valves are designed to work with both manual handles and actuation systems, with many having standard ISO 5211 actuator mounts. For further details on each specific series, read below. Full-Flo Flanged Ball Valve

Full-Flo Series and Uni-Flo Series - Flanged End Floating Ball Valves

The Full-Flo series are full port ball valves, available in sizes ½” – 12”. Standard steam working pressure is 150psi SWP. This series features a floating ball design, protected seat design, O-ring backed seat, cryogenic design option, and is fire safe to API 607-5. All valves are hydrostatically pressure tested (shell) and air pressure tested (seat) to ensure optimal performance. The Full-Flo series meets a wide range of standards and specifications and is manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.

Flo-Tite Uni-Flo series ball valves feature a reduced port body design and are available in sizes 1” – 12”. With a standard steam working pressure of 150psi SWP, these ball valves are ideal for process and petrochemical applications. Uni-Flo series valves feature Super-Tek seating, an anti-static grounding device, ball cavity relief, and a live loaded stem design. Uni-Flo valves also feature Flo-Tite’s Van Guard stem sealing system, which is designed to minimize fugitive emissions and increase valve safety.

Performance Series Flanged Ball Valve

EC Series

For more economical buyers, Flo-Tite offers EC series ball valves, which feature a 2-piece full bore design. These flanged end ball valves are available in in carbon steel and feature ISO 5211 actuator pads. Despite being the “economical choice,” these are still fully-capable ball valves with a floating ball design, fire safe to API 607, a spiral wound body gasket with secondary metal to metal seal, handle locking device, and reinforced PTFE seating.

CP-SF150 - Performance Series Valves

Flo-Tite’s Control Performance series is a versatile ball valve that is ideal for clean or dirty liquids, gases, and fibrous suspension applications. Control Performance valves are standard bore Class 150 and are available in sizes 3” – 12”. A few relevant features include a trunnion-ball design, spring loaded seat, your choice of RPTFE or metal seat, low torque single seat design, and CP-V port ball valve. Optional wafer design is also available.EZ Flanged Ball Valve

EZ Series Ball Valves

The EZ series is designed for easy maintenance, seat replacements or change-outs, and flow control. With a 2-piece bolted body reduced port design, these valves are lighter weight and lower cost than full port ball valves. They also require lower operating torques, making the EZ series perfect for actuation. The fire safe design complies with API and ANSI standards and is available in sizes 3” – 14”. For simplicity and performance, the EZ series is an easy choice.

Trunnion Mounted Ball Valves

Flo-Tite Trunnion Ball ValveTM series ball valves are trunnion mounted (hence the name) and engineered, ideal for pipeline service applications. These valves are ideal for oil and gas pipelines, but other industrial uses include dryer service, desalination, natural gas storage, and CO2 service. One major advantage of TM series valves is that they can be serviced in-line while under full pressure, so your system never needs to shut down. These ball valves are available with flanged or butt weld ends, 2-, 3-, and 1-piece body designs, 3-way and 4-way multiport designs, and a wide range of sizes from 2” to 56”.