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Threaded Ball Valves

Threaded End Metal Ball Valves for Process Applications

Threaded ball valves are great for general purpose use in liquid handling process applications. They are usually found in small size pipe lines (under 3"). Flo-Tite offers a wide variety of threaded ball valves. This includes many different valve series, including the Fusion series, FloTron series, and KingTron series of ball valves. These ball valves are available in many materials, including brass, forged steel, stainless steel, and carbon steel. The threaded design of these ball valves allows for compatibility and ease of installation in a wide variety of systems. All valves are factory tested in open and closed positions for bubble tight seat integrity.

  • Sizes: 1/2" - 4"
  • Max Pressure: Up to 2000 WOG
  • Port: Standard Port, Full Port, & Reduced Bore Designs
  • Other Features Available: Direct Mount, Seal Weld Body & More

 Flo Tron-II Series High Pressure Ball Valve

Flo Tron-II Series High Pressure - Seal Welded Ball Valve - 1PC Body

This is a seal welded ball valve with a one piece body for no body leakage or joint problems. This valve is available in 1/4" through 1-1/2" in a full bore design and 2" in a standard bore. This valve features a maximum pressure rating of 6000 PSI WOG! Other features include a blowout-proof stem, lockable handle, anti-static ground, casting traceability, and actuator mounting pad. NACE MR0175-90, API 607-4 Fire Safe, API 608 Compliance.

Flo-Tite Fushion Ball Valve

Fusion Series Ball Valves

Fusion series valves feature an anti-static ground, locking handle, and are available in either a full port (2PC) or seal weld (1PC) design. With pressure ratings from 1500-2000psi WOG, Fusion series full bore fire safe ball valves are durable and efficient. The seal weld design eliminates any possibility of body tail piece unthreading and ensures leakage does not occur at the body joint.

FloTron Series Ball Valves

FloTron series full bore fire safe valves are available in full port (2PC) or seal weld (1PC) designs, and either style is available in both stainless steel and carbon steel. All sizes are rated for 3000psi WOG, making them an ideal option for many rugged applications. The FloTron series has a blowout-proof stem design and is compliant with API 608 standards.

FloTron-II Series Ball Valves

FloTron-II series ball valves are the tougher relative of the original FloTron series valves. With a 6000psi WOG pressure rating, these threaded ball valves are heavy-duty pieces of equipment. This series features a seal welded body, which provides safe and sure pressure containment. Other features include a blowout-proof stem design, lockable handles, and API 608 compliance.

KingTron Series Ball Valves

KingTron series forged steel ball valves are designed for petrochemical applications. The 3-piece forged steel body has an impressive Class 2500 (6000psi WOG) working pressure rating. LF2 valve body and end caps allow for optimal performance in low-temperature applications. KingTron series valves are fully compliant with ASME/ANSI B16.34 and EN 12516-1. Socket weld ends comply with ANSI B16.11 and EN 12760. All KingTron valves are tested accordin to API 598.

Flo-Tite T70 Commercial Series Ball Valve

Flo-Tite T70 commercial series standard port 2-piece threaded valves are available in 316 stainless steel and WCB carbon steel. Reinforced PTFE seating gives these ball valves a 1500-2000psi WOG rating, depending on size. Other features include quality investment cast body, internal entry blowout-proof stem, adjustable packing gland, and an actuator mounting pad.

Flo-Tite Omni Threaded Ball Valve

Omni Series Ball Valve

Omni series valves are a 1-piece reduce bore threaded ball valve and are available in 316 stainless steel or WCB carbon steel. These valves have an operating temperature range of -20 to 450 F (-29 to 232 C) and have replaceable seats and seals. The maximum pressures the Omni series are rated for are 2000psi CWP and 175psi SWP, which makes them outstanding for high-pressure service.

Flo-Tite 2-Piece Direct-Mount Automation Series

Flo-Tite 2-Piece Direct-Mount Automation Series threaded ball valves are available with brass or stainless steel full port bodies. These valves are made with a low torque design, which makes them perfect for actuation systems. Flo-Tite’s “DM” design eliminates the need for mounting brackets and any problems related to them. The Direct-Mount Automations Series is ideal for low profile, cost effective industrial applications. Brass models have 600psi WOG and 150psi WSP ratings, while SS models are rated for 1000psi WOG and 150psi WSP.