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Harvel Pipe

Founded in 1964 with two manufacturing plants based in Easton Penn, and Bakersfield, CA, Harvel provides customers worldwide with today’s most reliable piping systems, duct systems, and rod, bar, and machining stock. A leading supplier in North America of PVC and CPVC pipes for industrial uses, their top quality products are mainly used in water treatment and chemical processes. Using strong attention to detail and high quality standards they feature on site testing laboratories inside each of their manufacturing plants to set and utilize today’s most careful and vigilant product testing standards. Harvel was the first company in their industry to receive the ISO 9000 series quality certification, and the first in the US with Canadian standards approval. Harvel uses constant supervision and on line quality testing to ensure that quality remains consistent throughout each production run on their items to provide the highest quality products that customers have come to know and trust.

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