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Chem-Flo Series

Butterfly Valves Built for Highly Corrosive Media

The Max-Seal Chem-Flo Series of butterfly valves are available in both wafer and lug styles, from 2”-12”. These valves are available in larger sizes, up to 24”, for special project orders. The mounting top plate of these valves is designed to ISO 5211 specifications. Because of their high resistance to corrosive media, typical applications for Chem-Flo Series valves include fertilizers, desalination, bio-technical, pulp and paper, textiles, petro-chemical, and more. Chem-FLO Butterfly Valve

CHEM-FLO Series by MaxSeal Valves

  • • Sizes: 2" - 24" / 165 WOG
  • • Wafer Type (25)
  • • Lug Type (26)
  • • Ductile Iron Body - Nylon Coated
  • • Optional Stainless Steel Body
  • • Disc: 316SS or 316SS / PTFE Lined
  • • Seat: PTFE / EPDM / Buna / Viton
  • • ISO 5211 / Direct Mount

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These high quality valves have many design advantages. One of these is the 2 piece body design that allows for easy maintenance and repair. Also, the Chem-Flow Series contains a pure PTFE-covered stainless steel disc for high corrosion resistance and purity. Another measure that prevents corrosion in these butterfly valves is the epoxy coated body. They also have low operating torque which allows for ease of automation. The wide, chamfered sealing surface prevents radial cold flow of liner under flange bolting forces; this eliminates the need for any additional gaskets.

Max-Seal’s Chem-Flo Series valves are pressure tested according to DIN 3230 Part 3, EN 12266, and API 598. All materials and test certificates are maintained according to EN 10204-3.1B. Spark testing of disc encapsulations and liners is carried out according to DIN IEC 243T2 standards.

Max-Seal has designed the operator mounting top plate to ISO 5211 specifications for direct mounting of manual operators and actuators. The square stem connection is designed to recognized industrial standards. This stem provides a secure connection with almost all actuators without requiring any brackets. Max-Seal’s range of automation products is extensive and includes handles, gear operators, pneumatic actuators, electric actuators, pneumatic positioners, and more.