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High Performance Series

High Performance Butterfly Valves

Built to ANSI & API Standards / Eccentric Double Offset Design

These heavy-duty butterfly valves can do it all. Standard sizes are 2”-24”, but HP series valves are available up to 120” upon request. The 17-4Ph stainless steel stem provides outstanding strength, alignment, and support to the disc, so the valve will always do its job. HP series valves are available with a one piece solid RPTFE static and dynamic seat design, which allows seals at both high and low pressures. Depending on model, valve bodies are made of 316SS (SS), WCB (CS), or ductile iron (DI).High Performance Gear Operator Butterfly Valve

HP Series Valve Types

1. Wafer Type:

  • Class 150 (Model BW630)
  • Class 300 (Model BW730)

2. Lug Type:

  • Class 150 (Model BL630)
  • Class 300 (Model BW730)

3. Also Available in a Fire Safe - Fire Pro Series Design

High Performance Valve Features (Wafer & Lug)

  • • Eccentric Double Offset Design
  • • ANSI Class 150 or 300
  • • Standard Material: SS316 OR CS-WCB
  • • Specials: Duplex SS / Alloy 20
  • • 17 - 4PH Shaft
  • • Sizes: 2" - 48"
  • • Adjustable Stem Packing
  • • Gear or Actuator Mounted
  • • Optional Valve Seats Available

These high performance valves are made with eccentric double offset design seating, which ensures bi-directional sealing throughout the full pressure range of the valve. This design reduces seat wear and completely eliminates seat deformation at the top and bottom of the disc. When the disc is in the open position, there is not even any contact between the disc and seat, which means that operating torques are reduced and seat life is extended considerably.

The HP butterfly valve series by Max-Seal is the result of years of experience in butterfly valve design. All HP series valves meet API 598 standards and are tagged per MSS-SP25 and API 609B specifications. All models include a blowout-proof shaft with a 17-4Ph stainless steel stem for excellent strength, alignment, and disc support.

The mounting top flange meets strict ISO 5211 specifications. The extra-long neck design provides a path for heat to dissipate while simultaneously making space for insulation. Depending on size, HP series valves adhere to ANSI Class 150/300/600/900. Every valve is shell tested to 150% of the rated pressure with disc open. They are also tested for leakage at 110% of rated pressure. These valves are some of the toughest available.