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ISO Series

Butterfly Valves Designed for Direct Mount Automation

ISO Series by MaxSeal Valves & Controls

The ISO Series from MaxSeal offers an excellent option for resilient seated ISO compliant butterfly valves. This process valve is fully ISO 5211 compliant and is designed for direct mount automation. Design features include a low torque operation as well as a high flow capacity. The valve body is coated for impressive corrosion resistance. Features a 10 position locking handle (1.5" - 8") as well as phenolic backed cartridge seats. From top to bottom, the ISO series delivers an exceptional valve for process applications. Available now in a wafer type and lug type style to suit your application. The wafer body style features four alignment lugs for easy install. This valve is available in a wide range of sizes from 1-1/2" through 48" size. ISO Compliant Butterfly Valve

Features & Design

  • • Sizes: 1-1/2" - 48"
  • • Fully ISO 5211 Compliant
  • • Wafer Type (51I)
  • • Lug Type (52I)
  • • Low Torque
  • • Direct Mount Automation Design
  • • Die Cast Aluminum Handle
  • • Seat - EPDM / Viton / Buna / PTFE / Specials
  • • Pressure Rating: 1-1/2" - 12" (200 WOG), 14 - 24" (175 WOG)

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The Max-Seal Chem-Flo Series of butterfly valves are available in both wafer and lug styles, from 2”-12”. These valves are available in larger sizes, up to 24”, for special project orders. The mounting top plate of these valves is designed to ISO 5211 specifications. Because of their high resistance to corrosive media, typical applications for Chem-Flo Series valves include fertilizers, desalination, bio-technical, pulp and paper, textiles, petro-chemical, and more.

The design features for Max-Seal’s ISO Series butterfly valves are extensive. They require low torque to operate, which makes them ideal for automation. With a wide range of sizes and sleek disc design, these valves have high flow capacity. They also include high quality body coating which provides excellent corrosion resistance. A one piece body with long neck allows plenty of clearance for flanges and easy insulation. ISO Series valves have field replaceable, phenolic bonded cartridges that are blowout proof, stretch resistant, and non-collapsible, making them ideal for high velocity or vacuum service.

These ISO Series butterfly valves all comply with MSS-SP25, MSS-SP67, and the requirements of MIL-V-22133C (ship) Type 1, Class A-D. All valve sizes up to 16” meet API 609. Sizes 18”-24” meet API 609 also with fine thread drilling. They also meet ISO 5211 international design standards.

This series of butterfly valves are ideally suited for actuated applications, and Max-Seal offers many different automation systems that give the user precise control of a valve. Each valve has a cast mounting flange that accommodates all types of operators and is designed to accept direct actuator mounting. Some sizes, however, may require a spacer plate.