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Performance Series

Butterfly Valves Built for Heavy Duty Applications

Max-Seal Performance Series butterfly valves, available in wafer and lug styles, are designed for automation and more demanding manual applications. These high-performance valves are available in sizes ranging from 2” to 36”, so there is a valve for every job. The rugged, heavy-duty ductile iron construction of these butterfly valves is rated for up to 250 WOG depending on the size of the valve and the application it is being used for. With a blowout proof stem, these professional grade valves will require minimal maintenance.Heavy Duty Max-Seal Butterfly Valve

Performance Series by MaxSeal Valves - Features & Options

  • • Sizes: 2" - 24" / 200 WOG
  • • Ductile Iron Body
  • • Disc - Nylon Coated
  • • 316SS or Bronze Disc
  • • Seat - EPDM / Buna / Viton
  • • ISO 5211 Top Flange
  • • Available in Wafer Type (51) and Lug Type (52)

The Performance Series includes the models Wafer 51 and Lug 52, both of which have a high-quality epoxy coating that provides thorough corrosion resistance. A 2-piece stem design allows for easy assembly and maintenance with higher flow capacity; a win-win! These Max-Seal valves are designed for bubble tight shutoff whichever direction fluid is flowing, which is why each valve is factory tested to 110% of their pressure rating.

These Performance Series valves all comply with MSS-SP25, MSS-SP67, and the requirements of MIL-V-22133C (ship) Type 1, Class A-D. All valve sizes up to 16” meet API 609. Sizes 18”-24” meet API 609 also with fine thread drilling.

Each valve is available with a variety of handle plates for manual use or actuator mounts for automation. The handle plates available include the Infinite Position Optional Handle Plate and the Lockable 10 Position Standard Handle Plate. Max-Seal offers many unique automation systems for precise control in either pneumatic or electronically-powered units.