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Titan Duplex Strainers

Multiple Color Titan Flow Control duplex strainer productsTitan Duplex Strainers are well-equipped to handle any and all liquid or gas straining needs. These products are ideal for large-scale industrial systems that can’t stop the flow process every time the system needs to be cleaned. Duplex strainers are designed to meet this need, having two strainer receptacles instead of just one. This allows for the rotation of filters when the appropriate cleaning takes place, without interruptions.  Found in industries ranging from paper to chemical to waste and even firefighting, duplex straining systems keep things moving efficiently.

These specially designed strainers require no complex tools to operate their features. Both the handle operation and the straining removal processes are easily manageable. The units are also specially painted with epoxy to make them rust resistant. Models can also be equipped with actuators for automatic switching between sides.

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The duplex strainers provided by Titan come in different models and sizes, depending on your need. Divided into three classes with thirteen models there should be no trouble finding a strainer that works for you. Choose from either a flanged or threaded end, as well as various materials. The straining elements are the buyer’s choice as well, options ranging from mesh lined to more specialized materials.

3/4" - 4" Duplex Strainers

The models with sizes ranging from 3/4” to 4” include stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron units with ends that are either threaded or flanged, depending on preference. These easy-to-operate systems have a dual-ball design that seamlessly moves the flow from one chamber to another. The multiple maintenance reduction qualities that these units possess guarantee the efficiency of this process.  

3/4" - 4" Duplex Strainer Models
ANSI Class 125 DS 595-CI and DS 695-CI
ANSI Class 150 DS 596-CS, DS 596-SS, DS 696-CS, and DS 696-SS
ANSI Class 300 DS 796-CS, DS 796-SS, DS 896-CS, and DS 896-SS


6" - 8" Duplex Strainers

The models with sizes ranging from 6” to 8” include stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron units with flanged ends. These larger systems have unique adjustments to ensure proper functionality, including the revolutionary quad-ball diversion system that diverts pipeline flow when it is time to switch chambers. The easy-to-operate handle has no automation requirements thanks to the low torque. The position of the handle clearly shows which basket is currently in use and which needs to be removed for cleaning. Because of the quad-ball system’s design, the servicing chamber is kept dry during cleaning which leads to reduced maintenance as the system isolates each chamber. Other benefits of the larger units include a compact structure and a long service life—and that’s just the beginning!

6" - 8" Duplex Strainer Models
ASME Class 125 DS 695-CI
ASME Class 150 DS 696-CI and DS 696-SS


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DS 595-CI * DS 596-CS/SS * DS 695-CI * DS 696-CS/SS * DS 796-CS/SS * DS 896-CS/SS

The duplex strainer has all the positive traits that other basket strainers have with the added bonus of maintenance convenience. Without having to worry about stopping pipeline flow for cleaning purposes there is no limit to the productivity to be accomplished. For large scale industrial systems, there is no better option than the Titan Duplex Strainer!

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